5 Oct 'You can't go there, you're disabled'

The comedian Tanyalee Davis, who recently gained attention on social media after an incident involving her mobility scooter and an unhappy train guard, believes that the rules and attitudes in the UK are way behind those in North America - and they stop disabled people from getting around.

She says: "Where's your carer" and "That's against health and safety" are the kind of typical remarks she hears in the UK from people in authority. She says they block her from having the freedom she enjoys in her home country Canada, and in the US.

Tanyalee is joined in the studio by poet Raymond Antrobus who explores deafness and being a mixed race Londoner in his poetry and spoken word performances.

"I really like the quote 'if your classroom doesn't represent the make-up of the society that you live in, you've been miseducated'," he says, in an honest and engaging interview.

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Presented by Simon Minty and Kate Monaghan.

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