3 Oct Africa - China relations

According to reports concerns are rising in Zambia that they could be facing colonisation by the Chinese which the Zambian government has denied. The Chinese Government has invested heavily in Zambia through its State owned companies like Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), Sino Hydro Corporation, China Henan Cooperation and others but these companies do not form Joint Ventures with Zambian companies. Some critics believe that the ideal situation is that Zambia as a host country is supposed to benefit through gaining access to skills transfer; creation of quality employment and more.

To help us unpack the discussion for the day, we are joined by:

• Dr Shingai Mutizwa-Mangiza, from the Political Sciences Department at the University of the Western Cape

• Dr Samson Lembani is the Programme Cordinator for Malawi/Zimbabwe: One World-No Hunger (EWoH2) Programme for Subsaharan Africa Konrad Adenauer Foundation.
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