Part 1: Lowveld Botanical Gardens (Mpumalanga)
The Lowveld National Botanical Garden, one of the nine National Botanical Gardens of South Africa is located just outside Nelspruit, Mpumalanga where the Crocodile River and Nels River converges. Because of the two rivers that run through it; that fashion the garden with a unique quality of its own. Here we spoke to Lunita who took us on a tour of the garden, giving us a better understanding of what makes this garden so special.

Part 2: Adventures with Elephants (Limpopo)
Their mission statement is “We protect wildlife through education”. As numbers of elephants have decreased by some 350% in the last 70 years and by 110 000 elephants in the last ten years (Great Elephant Census) due to poaching and habitat loss, we are honoured to have saved a few.

Part 3: FeraCare (Limpopo)
Feracare Wildlife Centre is a recently founded organisation, it stands for the care of all wild creatures and lives up to its name by providing a safe haven to all animals on its property. Feracare wildlife centre is a reserve in the Waterberg area, Bela Bela.
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