Part 1: Citrus Country (Schoemanskloof)
Mpumalanga is known as citrus country, and as we entered Schoemanskloof we came across a padstal painted in orange, we had to find out more. We chat to Cara, granddaughter of “Joubert” from Joubert & Sons to find out more about this popular padstal

Part 2: Sudwala Caves (Sudwala Caves)
A must stop while in Mpumalanga was the Sudwala Caves. They are open 365 days a year, and are the Lowvelds most popular tourist destination and known to some as the pride of Mpumalanga. The Sudwala Caves are set in Precambrian dolomite rock, which was first laid down about 3800 million years ago, when Africa was still part of Gondwana. The caves themselves formed about 240 million years ago.

Part 3: Dinosaur Park (Sudwala)
Close to Nelspruit, the Dinosaur Park is a themed park of life sized pre-historic dinosaurs. We chatted to Phillip, who gave us a passionate tour around the park. The museum displays life size models of pre-historic animals, ranging from amphibious reptiles, anicient reptiles, dinosaurs, pre-historic mammals, pre-historic man and more. The models were artistically and realistically sculpted by Jan van Zijl (also responsible for the black wildebeest on the old South African 2c coin).
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