21 Sep HTHT18 - DAY TEN : KZN (PT 1)

Part 1: Winston Pub (Durban)
The Winston Pub is a landmark of Durban's rough and ready - lovers of live, loud and heavy music and those who seek a hideaway from the sunshiny world outside.For the past 30 years punk, rock, metal and alternative bands have cut their teeth on a small stage in front of audiences who nod enthusiastically along, gripping their Black Label quarts to their chests and praying that the sun don't ever rise. The Winston also has a couple of other type events such a regular pub quiz where patron can win voucher for free drinks as well Guitar Hero. Alternatively if you looking for a good place in Durban to go and watch Rugby or any type of sport I would highly reccomend this place.

Part 2: BAT Center (Durban)
Known as Durban's Hub of Arts and Culture, the BAT Centre was established in 1995 and has built its image on focusing on observing the quality of the arts and performances displayed by local artists within the municipality district. The BAT strives itself on developing artists as we believe “the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” The BAT Centre AIR Programme aims to help young talent creatives to become successful, entrepreneurs and to train others creating sustainable job opportunities.

Part 3: Ryan Van Rooyen (Fuego Heat) (Durban)
As a curator, booker, tastemaker and DJ, Ryan wears many hats, but above all he is someone who is deeply passionate about building a viable scene for the unsung talent of Durban. A scene where creatives unapologetically make art for art’s sake. With his finger firmly on the pulse, Ryan is a great person to follow if you’re interested in discovering fresh new local talent.
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