20 Sep HTHT18 - DAY NINE : EC (PT 2)

Part 1: Ruth Lock Shell Art Gallery (Konami/Queenstown)
We went to see the work of one of South Africa’s unsung artists, home of Winifred Ruth Lock, who died in 1994 but lived in this house from the day she was born, in 1906. The house has been converted into three galleries, the first of which contains a myriad sculptures made almost entirely from sea shells that Ruth collected on her holidays in Port St Johns on the Wild Coast. Not only has she been visited by the queen, but she given instructions to not sell any of her work, and has made sure that entrance is free to everyone.

Part 2: The Chris Hani Memorial (Cofimvaba)
We visited the Transkei village of Cofimvaba in the Eastern Cape, the birthplace of home of the slain freedom fighter Chris Hani. It was here in this village where the late Chris Hani grew up, and was later laid to rest

Part 3: Mpondoland
We chat to Jakes, our local tour guide. He gave us a better understanding of Mpondo. The Mpondo people, also called AmaMpondo and Pondo, are a Southern African ethnic group. Their traditional homeland has been in the contemporary era Eastern Cape province of South Africa, more specifically what used to be the Transkei region. They speak a Nguni / Mbo language called isiMpondo which is grammatically similar to both isiXhosa and isiZulu.
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