Zwelinzima Jacobs – Programs Coordinator (Boikhuco Old Age Home. Bochabela, Bloemfontein)

Today we happen to be who we are thanks to the elders who brought us up and gave all they could to ensure we got all we needed at the time. The very same parents went to an extend of encouraging us to take education serious.
Now things have changed, the elders who grew us up and took good care of us now need to be taken care of. Some have grown and elderly illnesses have kicked in, thus they can no longer perfom daily duties or lite routines, hence the need to be taken care of.
Unfortunately for those who cannot afford to have full time helpers at home, viable options for them will be old age homes. An old age home is a place, a home for those old people who have no one to look after them or those who have been thrown out of their homes by their children. The place is of course like home where the inmates get all the facilities for a routine living, like food, clothing, medicine and shelter.