Dipoelo tsa go dira ka thata mo se o Dumelang mo go sone le Mme Lydia Ramatisa

Growing up we were all timeously told that hard work does indeed pay off, we were encouraged from an early onset that we need to work hard in order to succeed to being whoever we want to be. The very same motivational words were repetitively sung to Lydia Ramatisa’s ears, who was once a cashier at a certain Engen garage.
Having dropped out of school at grade 11, Lydia had to find a job in order to provide for her little girl.
After eight years at the Jouberton location in Klerksdorp as a cashier, supervisor then rising to assistant manager, Ramatisa got the chance to run her own concern when her boss, Dr Abdool Ebrahim, suggested she apply for her own Engen franchise.