19 Sep Crime Statistics in South Africa

Last week South Africa’s latest crime statistics were released in the country, showing that the countries murder rate has increased by 6.9%. In the last year the number haS increased to over twenty-thousand people who have been murdered; meaning that an average of fifty-seven people were killed in the country every day. The statistics which only look at a period of 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018, recorded the trends in violent crimes in the country such as armed robbery, car-hijacking, armed robbery, taxi related crimes and mob justice murders. One of the initial consequences of the crime statistics by the South African Police Service was the US Department of State issuing a travel advisory to its citizens travelling to South Africa.

To assist us on this topic we are joined by:

• Dr Andrew Faull, independent criminologist and Consultant at the Institute for Security Studies

• Dr Chris de Kock In dependent Crime Analyst at Cime Facts, SOUTH Africa

• Vannessa Padayachee operations and advocacy and lobbying manager at NICRO
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