Go lemoga ditshono kgotsa diphatlha tsa kgwebo le Mme Mpho Precious Mohaswa

Most of us grew up going to school, got taught on how to be better people, advised to excel in their academics, score higher marks and secure a bursary and entry at University level. After university then its time to get work.
Fortunately for very few who grew up in entrepreneurial driven houses, they were taught from a very young age to also explore possible ways and methods of making a living without solely relying on an 8 to 5 job.
Two female friends who were engineers by profession identified a gap in the market, capitalized on it and have never looked back ever since.
Established in 2017, Precious and Pearl Brands take its name after its founders Precious Mohaswa and Pearl Makoko. The two engineers decided to evolve with the times and manufacture Gemere "Non Alcoholic ginger beer” traded as Ghemere in concentrate and ready to drink.