19 Sep HTHT18 - DAY EIGHT : EC (PT 1)

Part 1: Route 67 (Port Elizabeth)
The Mandela Bay Development Agency’s (MBDA's) Route 67 consists of 67 Public Art Works symbolising Nelson Mandela's 67 years of work dedicated to the Freedom of South Africa and includes 67 steps leading up the second largest flag in Africa. The artworks were designed by local artists from the Eastern Cape. The route is proud celebration of our cities heritage and history. This is a must see stop for the whole family to walk and to enjoy.

Part 2: Fairy Meander (Hogsback)
We experienced the Fairy Realm in Hogsback, created by sculptor Patrick. With over 130 fairies in a magical garden, almost like a mini forest. Created for upliftment, peace and tranquillity, this magical experience is the perfect reminder that there might be some truth to the rumors that JRR Tolkien found his inspiration for Lord of the Rings in Hogsback

Part 3: Away with the Fairies (Hogsback)
Away with the Fairies is an iconic South African backpackers in Hogsback.
Backpacking culture is strong in South Africa. It provides a cost friendly way to explore and meet people from all around the world. Away with the Fairies is an escape from the modern world. A retreat to nature, coated by the alure of rolling misty hills, waterfalls, hiking trails, craft beer, good pizza and an outdoor bathtub on top of a hill. Mystical. Magical. Spectacular
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