Mokgwa o kgogo ya metsoko e ka amang itekanelo ya pelo ka teng le Mme Emmah Siluma gotswa heart foundation SA

In our everyday lives from early ages we tend to develop certain habits that might be good at that time, but as time goes by they prove to be disastrous and at times, life threatening as well.
One of the most life threatening habits is smoking. A habit that is most commonly adopted at early ages, but proves to be difficult to quit and goes on to bring major health complications.
Smokers are almost twice as likely to have a heart attack compared with people who have never smoked. Smoking increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, which includes coronary heart disease and stroke.
When non-smokers breathe in second-hand smoke, also known as passive smoking it can be very harmful. Exposure to second hand smoke is a cause of heart disease in non-smokers, which means one could be harming the health of their children, partner and friends..