Go leka-lekanya nako ya kgwebo le ya lelapa le Mme Oratilwe Nameng (Mesora Day Spa)

While we grow up, travel, talk to people, we learn of new things and their importance and better ways of doing the things we have been doing. The very same applied with Mrs Oratilwe Nameng, a 33 years old manager and owner of Masora day spa, the very first spa in the big township of Phokeng which is located North West of the platinum city Rusternburg.
While working as an administrative officer, Oratilwe used to travel all the way to Johannesburg just for a massage. The monthly trips eventually motivated her to start a spa massage of her own.
While conducting her basic market research, Oratilwe learned that there were actually a lot of spa’s in Rusternburg. But for the fact that they were not that popular, meaning they did not market themselves enough. Oratilwe knew that she was going to beat them simply by marketing her spa.