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Part 1: Kanoneiland
Just outside Upington on the Orange River, Kanoneiland is the largest inhabited inland island in South Africa. Kanoneiland is a beautiful settlement situated in the Northern Cape in South Africa. What makes this settlement stand out from the rest is that it is situated on the largest inland island in the gorgeous Orange River Valley. It is, in fact, the biggest river settlement in the country.

Part 2: Padstals
At Kakamas we stopped off at “Die Pienk Padstal”, it is a landmark roadside stall situated about half way between the towns of Pofadder and Upington. There we chatted to Francois about the history of this stop. We also stopped just outside the Riemvasmaak Hotspring where we found Berg En Dal padstal. Known for its coffee and traditional food, especially their roosterkoek and vetkoek. We spoke to Ridi and Julie

Part 3: iemvasmaak Hotspring
It means to ‘tighten the strap' or 'tied with strap’. Riemvasmaak is 75 000ha of sheer mountain desert wilderness, located between the Orange and the dry Molopo Rivers, approximately 57km from Kakamas and 170km from the Nakop Border Post with Namibia. It is a wilderness born from violent volcanic activity millions of years ago, but it is a land of beauty that takes on spiritual proportions. Here you can relax in the hotsprings dwarfed by 80m high granite cliffs. Or attempt a challenging 4×4 trail, hike down the canyon to the Orange River or simply set your soul free to soar with the black eagles through the lunar-landscape. We chose to just enjoy the hotspring