13 Sep Satire

International social media has been buzzing this week over the controversial cartoon by an Australian cartoonist depicting US tennis star Serena Williams having a temper tantrum at the US Open. Many are saying that the depiction is racist and physically misrepresents the tennis player. Meanwhile, in South Africa there has been a lot of a backlash against artist Ayanda Mabulu latest artwork which shows Nelson Mandela raising his hands in a Nazi salute juxtaposed in front of a Nazi flag. These two pieces of work have stirred a conversation around how far can you actually take satire, with some insisting that there should be limitations applied to the genre.
“Should Satire have Limitations?”
To assist us on answering this question we are joined by:
• Nonhlanhla Mahlangu, manager at Arts Eye Gallery
• Jonathan Shapiro, also known as Zapiro,Cartoonist
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