11 Sep Mandarin: A threat or help to Africa

Critics have warned that the Chinese’s involvement on the continent should be carefully scrutinised. According to financial experts Chinese investment in Africa could be accelerating debt on the continent and creating economies which are “entirely dependent on China”. As China takes steps to becoming the biggest investors in Africa, so is their language spreading fast. Mandarin has been introduced in some African counties as well as included in the curriculum of some schools. Could there be a worrying imbalance that is starting to form here? Is language the new form of colonisation? And should Africa be weary of its relationship with China so they ensure that its long term impact is not detrimental.

To help us unpack the discussion for the day, we are joined by:

• Andries Opperman Lecturer: Economics and Mandarin Akademie Reformatoriese Opledeing en Studies (AROS)

• Dr Mantoa Motinyane is a Linguistic and Child Specialist at the University of Cape Town
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