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Part 1: The Tswaing Crater
Located about 40km northwest of Pretoria, Tswaing is a 1 946 hectare conservation area that is home to a meteorite impact crater and surrounding wetland, as well as the remains of an old salt factory. Tswaing, which means “place of salt” in Setswana, is the site where a meteorite half a football field in size slammed into the Earth 220 000 years ago, forming a crater 1.4km in diameter and 200m deep. This crater, formerly known as the Pretoria Saltpan (or Soutpan), is one of about 170 impact craters in the world and one of four known impact craters in South Africa.

Part 2: Sawubona Music Jam
This is a jam session for the hardcore music lovers. Tuesdays in Soweto means Souwbona Music Jam time. Legendary drummer, Lucky Thobela has turned his yard into one of the longest running weekly Jam Sessions in Soweto. Artists from all over come together and bounce music off each other and make new sounds.

Part 3: Sterkfontein Caves
Sterkfontein is a set of limestone caves of special interest to paleo-anthropologists located in Gauteng province, about 40 kilometres northwest of Johannesburg. Within the caves, scientists have discovered many hominid and other animal fossils, dating back more than 4-million years, to the birth of humanity. Here we were introduced to “Mrs Ples”, the “Taung Child” and “Lit­tle Foot”