DJ Ready D's Hip Hop Heritage - Part 1

As part of Heritage month, DJ Ready D​ unfolds the extraordinary stories behind his iconic Hip Hop legacy. #LoveSA

01:36 Ready D’s first memory of Hip Hop

07:10 DJ Ready D’s beginnings as a B-Boy

10:50 The true roots of Hip Hop Culture are found in Africa

14:50 D’s First Hip Hop Parties in Cape Town

18:30 Carrying 50kgs of records to performances that spread the culture

22:30 What kept the Hip Hop passion going even in the face of Apartheid evil

26:40 The deep-thinking, activism-for-change essence of Hip Hop culture

30:10 How Prophets of Da City began

33:20 The political awakening of Prophets of Da City

36:40 POC’s first album

42:08 How POC first got banned by the apartheid government

44:50 The infamous Bophuthatswana song recording

49:00 The intensity of trying to survive and perform in the last days of apartheid