Go fetolela lerato la gago la bo ngwana mo kgwebong le Masego Mohajane – CEO (M-squared medicals)

One of the world’s greatest ideas that turned into profitable long term business ventures started out as playing around ideas. What people started out as just having fun and pushing around time turned out to be the greatest business ventures for them as well.
Our businesswoman of this week, Miss Masego Mohajane, a self-proclaimed tomboy, spent her youth helping her mom repair electrical appliances. This early interest is what helped determine her future as a qualified clinical engineer who managed a team of people repairing ultrasound machines.
Miss Mohajane founded her company M-Squared Medical back in 2010 with a vision to take high technology medical equipment to outlying areas. She had as back-up a vast experience of 15 years in the medical engineering sector.