Go semelela le go itshola ba itekanetse ga bagodi le Mme Hellen Mokhethoa – Mmamoagi Senior Citizens Club

As our senior citizens grow more old and old, they start to be less active due to their body organs slowly starting to be less active or minimally functional for most of them. They do their level best to keep busy there and there either through knitting, sweeping the yards, and taking walks and so on.
Misery starts kicking in when they do become less active, can’t even walk to their neighbours or three houses away down the street. Children are all grown up and have moved out, the house is just big and empty, now loneliness starts kicking in.
To fight all this and keep active, healthy and fit, the grannies of Mabopane township grouped themselves, and under the banner of Mmamoagi Senior Citizens Club they started a chorale group Bopanang Choir back in 2003. The aim behind was not just to keep busy, but to showcase their relevance and potential to the society even during their old age, and encourage other elders from neighbouring townships to do the same as well.
So far success has been visibly on their side as they have been getting recognition with their choirs, even going to an extend of performing at high profile events at Sun City.