Mokgwa wa go samagana le go se atlege mo maitekong a kgwebo

If one is not careful or cautious at all times, the challenges we come across on a daily basis can get us really down, force us to compromise on what we really want, or even get us derailed off our aimed archievement completely.
More than a decade ago Miss Molemo Kgomo was shopping around trying to find a doll for her toddler. She was emphatic about giving her black child a black doll that would reflect who she is. This was no easy task.
The frustration Kgomo faced of struggling to find a right doll for her daughter did not really oppress her that much; in fact it drove her to one of the best things she could ever do in life. Kgomo went on to design African dolls she initially wanted using herself as a model.
The African dolls designed by Miss Kgomo aims to help children, more specifically girls to embrace their own heritage and skin colour.