Re eme kae ka tshwaetsego ya HIV mo Afrika Borwa le Dr Sizulu Moyo

For many years now the South African government has been hard at work making awareness and conducting many educational workshops as far as the HIV pandemic is concerned. Well the concern came when the new infection rate seemed to be on an incline, that’s when lot of educational programs and a massive distribution of free condoms came into the picture, and a massive roll-out of ARV’s program as well to treat the already infected.
The latest studies conducted by the Human Science Research Council have shown that the HIV infection in the country is on the decline. The number of new HIV infections in South Africa is dropping‚ but there were still 231‚000 people who contracted HIV in 2017.
The research that was done across the country in the same way that a census is conducted‚ in order to represent every region‚ race and economic group revealed that 87% of those on treatment are virally suppressed and cannot transmit the virus during sex. When a person takes his or her treatment correctly every day‚ the virus stops replicating‚ meaning they are no longer infectious. This is called viral suppression.