Ditsela le mekgwa e bomme ba ka e dirisang go atlega mo maphateng a itsegeng ele a bo rre le Const Maphure Manamela

Being a female in a previously and currently male dominated industry is never easy; one does not need to be in the female’s shoes to know how difficult it is. Having to prove yourself, fight against stigma and belittling can be quite rough, and frustrating to say the least.
Our government and the country as a whole have tried their level best to make inclusion of the females in the male dominated industries as easy and doable as possible, but challenges still do exist.
Despite the idea that we’re becoming a more equal society, there’s still a lot of statistics out there showing the societal and institutional inequalities in the treatment of women in male-dominated fields of work. Government policies might side with oppressed groups in general, but there are ways in which employers and co-workers still have a long journey to make.