Seemo se se sa bonagaleng sa viral load

HIV has grown to be a more common term/illness amongst most of us as South African citizens in such a sense that we have been taught about it from an early onset, throughout the schools there has been and still are lot of lessons about it.
The most common lesson we all know by now is that immediately after testing positive for HIV, one need to be enrolled on an ARV’s programme right away. ARV’s are essential for an HIV+ person in such a sense that they suppress the virus within the system, thus assisting the immune system to be stronger and more eligible to fight other opportunistic diseases. More importantly ARV’s suppress the viral load, eventually leading it to a level whereby it becomes undetectable.
Viral load is the term used to describe the amount of HIV in the blood. The more HIV there is in your blood, then the faster your CD4 cell count will fall, and the greater your risk of becoming ill because of HIV.