Itshireletso ya basha mo ditiragalong/dikamanong tsa thobalano le Mme Brenda Khabele – Soul City Institute

We are living in days and times whereby the young people, more especially teenagers and young adults are exposed daily to situations and scenarios that are more explicit, requires and tempts them to experiment with many things that do require full knowledge and responsibility. These situations include experimenting with alcohol and sexual intercourses. At times it may be due to peer pressure, influence from social media and attempt to keep friends or boy/girlfriends.
The world is currently hard at work trying to combat the on-going situations of younger people experimenting with alcohol and sex, which has led to lots of unplanned teenage pregnancies and the rising rate of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infections.
The government has gone all out in providing free condoms to the citizens across the country, and has lot of programs in all health facilities including in schools as well to educate the youth about the importance of protected sexually intercourse, how to protect themselves and the benefits thereafter.