Botlhokwa ba ponelo-pele mo kgwebong le Mmabatho Mtimkhulu gotswa Selina’s Farm Fresh

Owning and running your business can be complicated and difficult, not smooth and easy going as many people think it is by seeing many business owners always free roaming the streets and shopping malls during the days.
Should one not have their priorities right, then running a business can be equally devastating and drowning. It is important for any business owner to have their visions and short and long term goals of their businesses clear. Know exactly where they plan to head to with their business ventures.
29 years old Mmabatho Mtimkhulu from Kempton Park saw the struggle that was faced by the small scale farmers, she was touched and wanted to lend a helping hand. Mmabatho came with an idea of establishing her own store that sells locally produced products, giving the small scale farmers a platform or access to a wider market.
Miss Mtimkhulu has not looked back ever since as she is determined to make a success of her business and ensures it reaches its initial vision.