Tsosoloso ya botho mo sechabeng sa rona le Mme Orepa Sefepi Maite (Counselling Psychologist)

We are living in a society whereby the morals and values of individuals are starting to be questionable. The society is slowly but surely losing its touch with regards to the humanity and natural love those fortunate previous generations grew up experiencing. Lately people no longer care of have each other’s best interest at heart; the popular phrase they use is that “it’s a dog eat dog world”.
Morality can simply be defined as the force the whole society revolves around. There may be a difference in the lifestyle we follow but there is a common line what governs everything and that’s happiness. Not your happiness, Not my happiness, but our happiness.
To arrive at this collective smile, everywhere, at least, in species which are alike, in this case humans, we need to judge and take decisions that are best for all of us. Which is where the terms Good and Bad came in. And these being least understood by all of us equally how important these are, they are always prone to be overlooked.