11 Jul Opportunities in The Tech Industry - Lorraine Steyn

Today’s episode focuses on the tech industry and how to improve sales for your business. The show takes you through how you can improve sales in your business as we all know without any sales we won’t make the money needed to sustain you and your enterprise. We then look at the tech hubs around Africa that women can be a part of to get into the tech ecosystem. For you to be successful in the most industry you must be part of the system as well be in the company of your peers, so you grow and feed off each other. We then have a chat with Lorraine Steyn the co-founder of Khanyisa Real Systems and KRS Mobile on starting and sustaining herself in the tech industry for the past 31 years. Lorraine is a phenomenal woman who strongly believes in building a comfortable and growth environment for her staff and co-workers. Lastly, you get to explore the applications you can use to develop an app for your business. People have now gotten the hang of using apps and depend on them for daily activities and it only makes sense for your business to have one as well.  
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