Go iphanya ka nnotagi ga bana ba dingwaga tse di ko tlase mo phatlalatseng le Mme Nomakhaya Seleka gotswa SANCA

We live in times whereby the most bizarre and what used to be unacceptable deeds have turned into normal day to day activities. People lately engage in public indecencies and they see nothing wrong with it, continue with life normally so.
Of lately teenagers have turned into a force to be reckoned with. Starting with a dress code; the streets are filled with kids wearing in a way that leaves one wondering if they were seen by their elders before leaving their homes or not, publicly interacting indecently with the opposite sex, and consuming alcoholic beverages openly so regardless of who is watching and not.
Alcohol abuse by the youth, more specifically teenagers has grown to be a cause of concern, young boys and girls drink excessively so in public. Lately any excuse is used as a reason to drink, after writing exams they go on drinking sprees as well.