Bana ba ba romelwang gae ka ntlha ya go se duele madi a sekolo le sebueledi sa lefapha la thuto Rre Elijah Mhlanga

We are living in times whereby poverty is on a rapid growth, poor people are getting poorer, and cost of living is also on a constant increase. It is getting more difficult to to make ends meet as life goes by. With all this that’s just constantly getting a whole lot for people, there are school fees to take into consideration and worry about as well. School fees are in important consideration for both parents and schools. Schools rely on fees to fulfill their budget requirements (AKA pay teachers etc). Parents are not all equally able to meet the school fees set. In rural areas there are challenges of many families who struggle to make payments for school fees. With the fees that might be regarded as low as they are, there are indeed families who do struggle to meet those payments, it even goes to an extend whereby the children end up being sent back to home.