Fraternal Forest with Nance Klehm

In this episode Nance speaks with Sol Hinami-Mayorga and Kathleen Soler from the Fraternal Forest wilderness adventure school.

Sol is the founder and co-director of Fraternal Forest, a wilderness and adventure school in Chicago. In a previous life, Sol was working in the Sciences. Now a mother of two children she believes that by treating children 'like sourdough' and exposing them constantly to the natural environment, they will get some forest spores deposited in their souls, and when they mature, in 30-something years, they are part person/part forest. As we all should be.

Kathleen is an educator with the Fraternal Forest, and a naturalist, meddler, instigator enthusiast from Chicago with ten years of experience working with children in the field of outdoor education. She is especially interested in figuring out how the children of the 21st century will grow into the role of earth stewardship.