16 Jun New Tech Solutions Are Starting To Permeate The Three Stages of The HR Lifecycle

When examining how technology is impacting HR, it’s useful to break down the HR lifecycle into its key components. This can be done in many ways but we like to break it down into three simple stages:
• GET THE JOB- Recruitment, and onboarding
• DO THE JOB- Training, culture, and productivity
• GET REWARDED- recognition and performance management
New tech solutions are starting to permeate all three stages of the HR lifecycle. Below are the top 5 emerging trends that we have identified:
• TREND #1: Increasing use of AI-powered candidate matching tools
• TREND #2: Tech-enabled employee referrals as a recruitment channel
• TREND #3: Replacing tedious generic corporate training with personalized online learning
• TREND #4: The rise of free/ low-cost HR management tools that aggregate health insurance
• TREND #5: Crowdsourcing employee feedback to inform culture, recognition and performance management
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