9 Jun Here's How To Deal with Questionable Employees' Social Media Comment

Grant Wilkinson, Executive, Global Business Solutions joins us to unpack the dynamics of employees' questionable social media remarks and how businesses can manage it.
Social media is an extremely powerful tool. No longer is being published on a platform - that the entire world can see - the sole domain of print media and limited to a selected few. Anyone can become a published author thanks to the Internet and social media.
This is an incredibly powerful tool; however, some may abuse this power and, in the process, bring their employers into disrepute. The case of Hanniker v One and Only Cape Town (Pty) Ltd – 26 CCMA 8.37.9 illustrates this point:

• An employee published a comment on Facebook which allegedly brought his employer (a hotel) and the hotel’s security manager into disrepute.
• She – the employee – claimed that her comments were valid and were posted in reaction to an incident that the security manager was negligent.
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