30 Dreams 30 Days - Cebo (Day 3)

Cebo is a boy who is 11 years old. He lives in KZN with Mom and 13 year old sister. Cebo is fighting Chronic Liver Disease, but that doesn’t stop him from dreaming. Cebo is ill, he has a big tummy and often gets tired, but he knows what he wants out of life and believes that he will get it. When Cebo grows up he wants to be a social worker so he can help people. A typical boy who loves cars, soccer and being a kid. His dream is to have lots of toys, specifically cars and guns, so that he can play with his friends.
Thanks to Woolies and MySchool for making this young ‘man/lady” dream come true – you can continue to make dreams come true by swiping your MySchool card and selecting Reach for a Dream as a beneficiary.