2 Jun Putting Smile Back on The Face of Women Who Survived Breast Cancer With 3D Prosthetics

On today's show, we speak to an entrepreneur who has done it all without funding and she is able to demystify the notion that you always need external funding as an entrepreneur.
The most common reasons why most aspiring entrepreneurs don’t go off to take the first step into the world of business is because they believe they can’t start without funding and are also afraid of failure. We speak to Beth Malatji an author, publisher, owner of ReBeth Wines and director of Startup Grind Johannesburg. On how to start successful multiple businesses.
On our main feature, We were joined on the phone now by Nneile Nkholise a remarkable woman creating affordable prosthetics for people in need and putting the smile back on women who have had mastectomies because of breast cancer.
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