Jaco Grobbelaar - How I stepped out of my comfort zone to start a property investing co. CEO of Prosperity Enterprises

What do you do when you have a strong conviction to follow your passion in life? What’s holding you back? In Jaco Grobbelaar’s case a very secure and safe job as the CFO of a top international whole sale company at the tender age of only 25. A strong introvert that some would probably describe as being somewhat of a social awkward guy, Jaco has a brilliant mind and was top in his class until finishing varsity. Society wanted to push into a more conventional route, but Jaco had a strong conviction that he didn’t want to be an employee for the rest of his life. Ultimately Jaco took the leap of faith, left his secure and safe job and started a business in property investing. Today the CEO of Prosperity Enterprises a very successful investing and education company, Jaco teaches individuals to invest in property and get out of the rat race. Jaco tells a story of courage in the midst of uncertainty and how to step out of your comfort zone.