#reSPEKKThePlug Episode 3: The Moxtapes Episode

The #reSPEKKThePlug podcast is back! Did you miss us? On this episode SpekkTrumn talks the Moxtape mixtape which he did with DJ Mox and drops some music from it.

This episode's playlist

Background music: Sharky - Big Brand

VENGEMuzik & Tizzy101 - Ever So Ready
Donne - Blastin'
Nial Ainca - I'm Gunnin'
W. Hill$ - 5-0
Trizzle - Jozi Life (Feat. DaReal)
MVPANI - Standard
GoldFurnace - 16s For A Meal (Feat. Trigger 5 Star Captain)
AyTee - Pain & Gain
AyTee - Sugar Loaf
Crusader - Vent (Zvonetsa)
VI The Law - Hectic
Donne - Slow It Down (Feat. Sharky)
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