DNA Testing: Your Guide to Optimal Health

Last year I received a very healthy Christmas present – DNA testing from Join Circles. The process was incredibly easy: I received a test kit from Join Circles with full instructions. In the comfort of my own home I swabbed the inside of my cheek with a giant cotton bud and went online and booked a time for a courier to come and fetch my kit. A few weeks later I had my results and boy were they interesting! I have gene variations for oxidative-stress and inflammation (no surprise then that eczema and allergies were a problem from childhood), a traditional Mediterranean diet / low carb eating is ideal for me and high intensity interval training is what I need to remain lean! Did I know all of this info before testing? To some extent but it was largely intuitive, now I had scientific data to validate my gut feeling!

In this episode we change it up a bit: Heidi & Margie interview me! They asked me what was my why, not just for testing but in general. Why do I want to be optimally well? They asked me about the process and what it meant to me and what I would do with the information. We discuss some of the information I found out and how it has equipped me to make better holistic decisions. It really was a lovely chat with health pioneers who get what it means to fight for good health!



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