Geek_in_U is a Non-Profit organisations that was started by 3 Wits MBA Students and friends who had a passion youth empowerment and entrepreneurship. The Geek_in_U program in partnership with Geekulcha is an idea that was born out the need to increase awareness and knowledge of technology to young pupils who are yet to be exposed to the concept of “career choices”. The program seeks to provide classroom based, hands on exposure to pupils from grades 4 in both privileged and underprivileged communities. The program will teach the pupils how to develop software and build physical robots with the goal of the grade 12’s leaving the program having the skills and capabilities of building websites, mobile applications that can link and connect electronic devices (IoT) i.e. building a mobile application that can fly a drone that they have built themselves:

Guest: Atenkosi Ngubevana (Founder: Geek In U)