2. Professor Jacqui Akhurst

Professor Jacqui Akhurst started her career as a teacher, became a school psychologist and then a full-time academic. Starting in KZN, moving to the UK in 2004 (York and York St John Universities) and then to Rhodes in 2015, her research focus has long been community psychology. Through her inspiration and guidance, Rhodes Psychology Department is one of the university's most active - and effective - when it comes to community engagement. In the second edition of the podcast, hear how she has helped create powerful interventions for students and community organisations alike.
12 Mar 2018 English United Kingdom Society & Culture · Education

Other recent episodes

1. The Environmental Learning Research Centre and the Amanzi for Food Project.

People need fresh, healthy food. But growing fresh food needs a reliable source of water in a water scarce country. The Amanzi for Food project – funded by the Water Research Commission (WRC) and led and implemented by the Environmental Learning Research Centre at Rhodes – brings together farmers, extension…
2 Mar 2018 16 min

3. Dr Nosiphiwe Ngqwala and The Children of the Soil

Nosiphiwe “Nosi” Ngqwala arrived at Rhodes to do a masters in biochemistry. She became a student volunteer but realised there was no organisation focusing on what she felt was the most important job of all - teaching the next generation of South Africans how to look after their environment. So…
22 Mar 2018 17 min

4. Professor Tally Palmer

“Every single human being on this planet lives in a catchment. You are upstream of somebody or downstream of somebody. Water is the great integrating factor.“ Professor Tally Palmer is Director for the Institute for Water Research and founder of the Unilever Centre for Environmental Water Quality. What does she…
18 Apr 2018 22 min

5. Clement Simuja

“For many people, technology is not empowering, it's disempowering.“ Clement Simuja arrived at Rhodes from Malawi to do a PhD in Information Systems about “something to do with agriculture“. Then a desperate head teacher from Alexandria arrived in the department asking for help. His school had plenty of computers but…
29 Apr 2018 17 min

6. The Reviving Grahamstown Schools Programme (aka the VC's Education Project)

"It is better to light a candle than to curse darkness.” Public schooling in Grahamstown is broken. Just kilometers away from some of the most expensive and well-resourced schools in the country, are schools that are crumbling, teachers who are not coping and a system that is failing an entire…
15 May 2018 28 min