7 Mar Shimza, DJ Tira #WHAT THE FAMOUS

#1 We talking Club Controller:
* Interview: Shimza, DJ Tira who’s also in the mix somehow.
(Prince Kaybee not answering his phone for now)
- The Stolen Chord Progression, starring Cassper Nyovest and Kaybee
- Shimza and Prince Kaybee beef
- Tira in the mix too as word is he gave Club Controller to Shimza
- And apparently there’s an original Club Controller track that Prince
Kaybee stole
On Sunday house DJ Prince Kaybee took to Twitter, claiming Cassper
Nyovest stole the chord progression of his hit Charlotte, for his new song
with Davido, Check on You. 
The term chord progression simply refers to the order in which chords are
played in a song/piece of music
In response to the alleged theft, Nyovest offered up a fun fact, that his
chord progression is actually from the afro pop group Malaika's 2003 hit
Destiny and Red Cafe's Fly Together. Davido, who was really drawn into the
discussion purely by association, simply responded 'Congratulations', to
Prince Kaybee's dismayed tweet.
In another incident, Prince Kaybee was this time accused by fellow dance
music hit maker Shimza, of theft by getting a collaboration with
LaSoulmates and TNS featuring Zanda for the song Club Controller.
In another incident a tweet yesterday by Nibuye nis’dakelwe nina kule app
came out saying:
Any DJ that plays Prince Kaybee’s version of Club Controller is a sh*t dj in
my eyes and needs to up their game. That Prince Kaybee version is pure
dog sh*t. I can’t stress this enough.
So, apparently, Prince Kaybee's Club Controller isn't THE original 'Club
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