The Role of a Dietician in Sports Medicine

Nutrition plays an essential role in fueling athletes’ bodies for optimal training and performance. For many athletes, proper nutrition is the missing link to maximizing their potential.

I chat to Shelly Meltzer, a registered dietician and Sports Nutrionist, on her role in maximizing athletes performance through dietary changes.

Shelly has provided dietary interventions and advice for SA Sports Teams (including Rugby, Sevens Rugby, Canoeing, Canoe Polo; Cricket, Soccer, Surfing, Americas Cup Shosholoza team, Olympic and Paralympic athletes).
She is a consultant dietitian for SA Rugby and organized and managed the food services and interventions for the IRB Sevens Tournaments in George and Port Elizabeth (2008-2015); the ICC Six Nations Series in Namibia; Canoe Camps; and set up food services at various rugby academies in South Africa and for International teams travelling to SA.She is a consultant dietitian for several expeditions, including the 2006 Great Wall of China run (Braam Malherbe and David Grier) and the Scott-Amundsen Centenary Race to the South Pole in 2012 (for Braam Malherbe).
Past Board member of SA Institute for Drug Free Sport; served on the Scientific & Medical Committee for SA Rugby and other sports medicine bodies (SA Sports Commission, the NOCSA High Performance Programmes, SASMA and PINES committees).

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