We take positive, meaningful and effective action to combat these addictions and atrocities so that our world can become a better, healthier and safer place in which to prosper.

RADA is a registered Non-Profit Company that plans to build comprehensive renewal centres in South African cities to begin with and eventually in cities around the world.

RADA is currently based in Bryanston, Johannesburg, together with The Transformation Development Centre (“TDC”) under the banner TDC RADA. We offer Yoga, Reiki, Self-Help Workshops, Psychology Sessions, Meditation Classes, Life-Sound Therapies and Medical Assistance through an on-site medical practitioner. The facilities have been expanded to include additional medical rooms with a 120-seater conference centre. RADA has secured land situated on the outskirts of Johannesburg whereby plans are being finalised for the creation of the first RADA in-house facility.

Completion of the facility is expected by July 2018. Architectural plans for another RADA centre are underway.

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