Women in a Man's world - A Sport Physiotherapist's view

Helen is currently an Independent Sports Physiotherapist who consults to UK Insurers for the Premier League, as well as all Elite Sports – Team and Individual. Also dealing with Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of sportsmen and women. She gives many Presentations and Workshops in UK, SA and Internationally. She did her Master’s Degree (2004) under Prof Tim Noakes at UCT / SSISA and her study – “Stress Fractures in the Cricket bowler’s back” was published in the BJSM (2004). She has written a number of Handbooks, the latest being on Groin and Hips specifically for the Premier League. She has also published a number of studies in journals including 2 on Rugby Union Injuries (2004 and 2009). Many studies on the Groin and Hips have been published in SAJSM, Sportex, BJSM Blog and BIMMS. She is currently doing a Professional Doctorate on Groins/Hips through Kent University (4 th year). Currently undertaking work in the Community in SA.

Helen was Physiotherapist for the Stormers Rugby from 2000 –2005. Previously she was the Physiotherapist for South African Rugby, SA Hockey and SA Surf lifesaving. She provided physiotherapy cover for two All Africa games, Maccabi Games and two Commonwealth Games (1992 to 2006).