11 Jan 8 Things Top Real Estate Agents Do That Others Don't

These are some of the general principles that Wendy coaches & trains Top producing real estate agents helps separate them from the rest. 

Always Keep the Marketing Department Open

It’s the very rare real estate agent that consistently & proactively, generates leads for new business for even 1 or 2 hours per day.  

But it is this small percentage of agents that earn the vast majority of all real estate commissions.  

Aim to beat the 80 / 20 Pareto Principle that states 20% of your agents do 80% of the business

Avoid the real estate roller coaster by generating leads daily.  

High-volume agents don’t just service existing business and then panic & start lead generating once they have closed the majority of their transactions.  

Instead, they block time to do something each business day that gets them closer to earning a new client.  

In a nutshell, there are 3 ways to be successful in real estate:

By Default: live in the same area for years where everyone knows you and eventually sends you business; or
 By Design: time-block a relatively small portion of each business day to proactively generate new leads 
or employ a dedicated canvasser.

Wendy Machanik is an established expert in her respective fields. 
Wendy personally sold over R2.4 billion worth of property as a Real Estate agent
Wendy has created a high impact, one day workshop for both beginner and veteran Real Estate agents that is guaranteed to blow you away and equip you with skills you have only dreamed about.
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