20 Nov In Conversation With Daniel Mosako

We started the show with the sounds of Toto – Africa. One of my favourites and my guests favourite.
In the studio we have Daniel Mosaka; Not only have Daniel and I worked together in the Arts space – Daniel has an amazing CV, history in the African Arts scene. But what makes Daniel an exciting guest is that he has been in involved in all areas of the arts:
Daniel Rankadi Mosako is an art practitioner and UNISA PhD student candidate. He majored in Fine Arts, and has two Honours degrees in Information Science and in History of Art, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Museum and Heritage Studies. He was conferred two Masters Degrees in Fine Arts and in Museum and Heritage Studies. He is a refined art [curator, educator, critic, and researcher].
His art philosophy is about the intricate and striking patterns that are reflective of a double-edged sword of social cohesion benefits and challenges. His art elevates questions about subliminal exclusion and partial inclusion practices and patterns that often confront people living in cosmopolitan areas in South Africa. In his art he uses recognisable patterns as a metaphoric representation of empathetic expression for those whose human rights are transgressed.
His body of work is a reflection of years of study and observations made on perceptions and perspectives on social inclusions and exclusion, in which he depicts visual angles and explorations of interlocked motifs and patterns. In his words he states: “I exclude images of human figure in my works of art to make loud comments about the absence of what needs to be present, being cohesive social environments”.
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