Interview: IoT.nxt CEO & Chairman On Targeting USA

In this special edition of the first Talk IoT podcast, Goo Goo Lourie sits down with IoT.nxt CEO, Nico Steyn, and Chairman, Wayne Fitzjohn to talk about the company’s global expansion plans.

In the podcast, Nico and Wayde takes us through IoT.nxt plans to conquer the USA, the strongest technology centre and driver of new technologies in the world.

“You are not a true IoT operator if you are not in the USA,” declares Wayne.

While, Nico is not worried about the tough USA market, which has seen some big South African companies leaving in the huff without any success.

“I am not really afraid of the big guys in the US, because I think the big guys they’ve got a whole lot of issues that influence their thinking. I am more afraid of the smaller guys because they are agile, more quickly make a decision and implement tomorrow,” explains Nico.