10 Oct The Emerging Brands - What Does it Take To Break Through In Today’s Crowded Market?

When it comes to marketing, there is significant strength in numbers – the more people a brand is exposed to, the better. The more people talk about a
brand, the more it lives. The more it stays top of mind, the more marketing spend is converted into sales. With that being said well,

Last week we has a fantastic time discussing the most iconic brands of our lifetime and in the same breath we are going to synergise this moving train.
Today we are looking at emerging brands, what are some of the most developing brands as a consumer to look out for, we also hope to look at the underrated ones waiting to blow up!

What does it take for a brand to truly break through in today’s crowded market? Just as it has with everything else, digital transformation has upended the traditional rules of marketing. In less than a decade brands like Uber and Airbnb have attained the kind of consumer mindshare that companies used to have to work decades to create. Part of this is the simple fact that most of these newer brands are technology companies.
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