Ugandan politics

Ugandan members of parliament were caught up in a brawl last week exchanging punches, kicks and throwing objects at each other during a debate focusing on the removal of the presidential age limit. Last week Wednesday, more than twenty MPs and lawmakers were thrown out of the parliament’s chambers for opposing the proposed constitutional change which would see the long-running Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni stays in power after the age of 75. According to parliament’s communications officer Chris Obore, the motion had passed after MPs were ejected; with only a month now left for the bill to be submitted to a first reading in the House.
To assist us on this we have on the line:
• Paul Mulindwa, the senior project officer at the Centre for Conflict resolution
• Jamie Hitchen, is Policy Researcher at the Africa Research Institute (ARI)
• Michael Arereng, Channel Africa Swahili executive producer