Tim Modise in a conversation with Professor Raymond Suttner

Researcher, author, analyst and Professor Raymond Suttner talks to Tim Modise about his role in South African struggle, his life in exile and his recent published book ''Inside Apartheid Prisons". Professor Suttner says it pains him to know that some of the people he thought political education ended up being the ones who today are promoting corruption and exploitation of the poorest of the poor.
11 Sep 2017 English South Africa News · Business News

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Tim Modise in conversation with Sally Shackleton

As the South African Law Reform Commission releases its "Report on Sexual Offences: Adult Prostitution" Director of the Sex Work Education and Advocacy Taskforce, Sally Shackleton joins us to discusses the importance of decriminalizing sex work for the social, legal and healthcare protection of workers.
6 Jun 2017 14 min

Tim Modise in conversation with Dr Khulu Mbatha

"Are we still an organization that deserves to be regarded as the leader of the nation?" ANC stalwart and author of "Unmasked: The ANC Failed" discusses his view that the ANC was never ready to govern post-1994 and had no real economic plan for the country. Dr Khulu Mbatha unpacks…
6 Jun 2017 18 min

Tim Modise in conversation with Victor Kgomoeswana

As Zimbabwean President Mugabe begins his election campaign, Africa Expert Victor Kgomoeswana questions the soundness of having a 93 year old President lead over a largely young population. We also discuss aviation as Ethiopian Airlines is named the Number 1 Airline in Africa and the Kenyan governments decision to guarantee…
6 Jun 2017 15 min

Tim Modise in conversation with Yunus Carrim

Minister of Finance Malusi Gigaba recently made his maiden presentation to Parliament's standing committee on finance explaining the position of his department on fiscal consolidation and economic growth plans. Chair of the committee Yunus Carrim discusses his take on Minister Gigaba's presentation as well as the plans set to grow…
9 May 2017 18 min

Tim Modise in conversation with Francis Antonie

Former Hawks Head Lieutenant General Berning Ntlemeza has insisted that he will be back at work on Tuesday, this despite a court judgment ordering his removal and the appointment of his replacement Yolisa Matakata by Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula. The Helen Suzman Foundation Director Francis Antonie discusses their year…
17 Apr 2017 8 min